" Begin your journey to a healthier life "

Who we are

MCE is focused on providing caring and professional education on the cannabis plant without judgement or stigma.

What we do

An appointment with MCE consists of proper cannabis education, paired with an assessment by a qualified physician.


Cannabis education

As a patient with MCE your cannabis education will be based around cannabinoids and interaction with our body. As well as methods of consumption and appropriate dosing.

Proper Guidance

If you’re a patient looking for further guidance obtaining a medical cannabis document, we can help.

If you’ve been self-medicating with Cannabis, but are looking to elevate how you medicate, we can help.If you’re a Medical Clinic looking to integrate Cannabis education, WE CAN HELP!

At MCE the path to healing starts with us.

“Medical Cannabis Educators is here to help this industry evolve, and in order to do that, we need to educate everyone. Who better to educate the public than the Clinics responsible for supplying their medication?”


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